Just Flight - 757 Professional

Just Flight - 757 Professional 1.0

757 Professional is the add-on for the Just Flight professional range package
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Experience flying the best in short to mid range flying machine in the latest simulation for the Just Flight - 757 Professional 1.0. This is the add-on for the Just Flight professional range package. The 757 has the capability to fly from a hundred to around four thousand miles. The package comes with its variations of the 757 the -200 and the -300. The Just Flight - 757 Professional 1.0 also includes an impressive range of 66 different liveries from around the world for your flying experience. The original sounds and the attention to details are very fine in this simulation. The refined flight modeling makes this simulation of the narrow bodied 757 a flying pleasure. The external movements of the flight like the landing gear getting in place, the flap movements, flexing wings, elevators, rudder, spoilers, ailerons, APU Inlet RAM air turbine, cargo and cabin doors are all animated for maximum reality. The cockpits are designed keeping in mind the details of the 757 so it has all the goodies like the moving yokels, pedals, throttles etc. The package is you chance to own the 757 all for yourself.

R. Fernandez
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